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Sound Devices 664 + Bag + Battery

$40 / day

Lectrosonics SRc Receiver 

$40 / day

Lectrosonics LMb Transmitter

$30 / day

Countryman EMW Lavaliere (TA-3)

$15 / day

Countryman B3 Lavaliere (3.5mm)

$12 / day

Sony UWP-D11 package

$25 / day


$20 / day

7', 12' or 16' K-tek Boom Pole

$10 / day

​Pistol grip + Blimp + DeadKitty

$10 / day

Denecke JB-1 Timecode Sync-box

$10 / day


$15 / day

Boom mate + C-stand

$10 / day

Rental Policy

ONE DAY RENTAL: Pick-up after 3 p.m. the day before production and return before 10 a.m. the day after production.

ONE WEEK RENTAL: Keep equipment for one full week (7 days) and pay for only the first 4 days.

WEEKEND VS WEEKDAY RENTAL: We are open during weekends - we charge weekends as 2 days and weekdays as 2 days too. 

INSURANCE: Customers are required to show evidence of insurance coverage by providing a Certificate of Insurance listing AsparTateSounds, LLC as "loss payee and additional insured" with appropriate terms and conditions. In lieu of a properly executed certificate, the customer must purchase "AsparTateSounds, LLC Temporary Rental Insurance" at the rate in effect. In the case of damage or loss without any applicable insurance, AsparTateSounds, LLC will charge customers full market price on a replacement.

TERMS & CONDITIONS: Terms and conditions are stated in full on the "AsparTateSounds, LLC Rental Contract." The customer, or his designated signatory, is responsible for reviewing these terms. A signature acknowledges compliance and agreement and shall include any amendments to each contract. On first time rental, AsparTateSounds, LLC will make a copy of customer's driver liscence, State ID, or Passport.

CANCELLATION POLICY: No cancelation charge applies if customers notify us an hour before pick-up. After pick-up, we charge one full next-day rent in the case of an early return.

PICK-UP HOURS AND LOCATION: Near Burbank Airport (9am - 6pm, M-F);

                                                             Near Woodland Hills Taft Charter High School (24/7)


TEXT OR CALL: 424-281-9290

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