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R e c o r d s

AsparTateRecords found in 2009, as a private-owned records label, or circle, in China and Japan. It is directing by David ZANG and often featuring with many talented artists in the United States, Japan and China such as Aka, Merrill Miller, Ryutsuki, Tsukasa Noda and HoneyEii. 

AsparTateRecords participated into many major music and/or animation-related events in Japan and China such as ComicMarket 80, M3-2015 and etc. 

List of Works

Urania Ripheus & 

le coeurd' artichaut



                                                  Released on 01/2017

フェイト  Lolita girls!



                                                  Released on 10/2015

IRIS - les chanson du printemps



                                                  Released on 04/2015



                                                  Released on 01/2014

42 - the mirror image


                                                   Released on 08/2012

Combination Reaction


                                                  Released on 08/2011

3rd Side Chain


                                                  Released on 05/2011



                                                  Released on 10/2010

List of Collaborations


                                                    With Merrill Miller

      Credited as Producer, Mixing and Mastering.                                                                  

                                                    Released on 1/2017


                                                         With Yondervoice

                                                         Credited as artist

                                                    Released on 1/2012