Location Sound

Sound Devices 664

12 Tracks recorder + Timecode & Hearback

Millennia HV-35p

Single channel microphone pre-amp. Warm and musical.

Lectrosonics SRc

Dual channel high-power receiver. Supreme wireless quality.

Lectosonic LMb

Compact wireless transmitter, designed to fight against interference.

Sennheiser MKH 416

Industry standard dialog shotgun microphone.

Countryman EMW + B3

​High sensitivity low noise lavalier microphone.

Denecke JB-1 Timecode Sync box
Sony UWP - D11 Wireless package
Comtek IFB System
Azdan 3416L Shotgun microphone
Lectrosonics M152 lavaliere microphone
7', 12' and 16' K-tek boom pole
K-tek sound bag and harness
Li-ion Power Battery design for upto 15hrs run-time

*All Location Sound gears are ready to rent.

Pro Tools 12|HD

With certified engineer.


Sound that you have heard in last 30 years. 

TV, broadcast or film.


"It just works"

ADAM A77x  YAMAHA surround system

Tuned with Dolby tools

iZotope RX6 & oZone 5

Dialog editing and mastering tools.

NuGen Post-Production series

​Completely surround mixing/QC tool utilized in all major studios.

Audio Post-Production

T.C.electronic, EastWest 2.0, Altiverb, and Lexicon Reverb
WAVE Mercury bundle (v9.6)
Cathedral Pipes Tube Microphone Pre-amp
Neumann U87 & Avantone Pro CV-12 microphones
​Over 2TB sound libraries features:

Sound Ideas;


Hollywood Edge;


Bluezone and more.

i9-9900k, 128GB RAM workstation 24/7