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        Audio Production

During recent years, David ZANG and his team were able to provide many successful audio solutions for the dozens of production companies, commercials, indie film makers as well as students who enrolled to AFI, NYFA, USC and UCLA. With profound background knowledge, experience in both music and film, and proficient skills on both editing and mixing, Daivd ZANG and his team are able to deliver the best sound service to your film within a short amount of time. 

Our studios are featuring Adam, Yamaha speakers, up to 7.1 surround monitoring, Pro Tools 12 HD, Cedar DNS 2000 de-nosier,  latest Wave plugins, latest MOTU 16a ADDA, CL-1B, Nu Mu, 33609, 882i analog processor, TC4000 reverb, 1TB library which includes BOOM, Hollywood Edges, Sound Idea and our own records and designs. Please click here to check out our full equipment list.

We are able to do...

Location sound;

Foley & ADR recording;


Dialogue editing and de-noise;

Sound Design;

Scoring and Composing;

Final dub in surround (5.1 / 7.1)


Notable Credits during the year of 2018:

Feature Immortal (2018) by Jon Dabach & Tom Colley - Re-recording mixing;

Feature INFERNUM (2018) by Dutch IE Production - Re-recording mixing and Sound design; 

Feature Fall in Love Again (2018) by New Kingdom Pictures - Location sound; 

Feature You're Hired! (2019) by Ricky Reem II - Location sound mixer;

Show This kind of Love (2018 - 2019) by New Kingdom Pictures - Location sound;

Short Turnt (2019) by Infinitefilm - Location sound;

Short Be the Best You (2018) by Jay Soni - Sound design and Re-recording mixing; 

Short Lighthouse (2018) by Sining Xiang - Location sound; 

Short Move in (2018) by Hailong Niu - Location sound; 

Short Caroline (2018) by R.J.Wang - Re-recording mixing and Scoring;

Short FIVE PIECES LOVE STORIES (2017) by Jialei Lee - Sound design and Re-recording mixing; 

Documentary A New Normal (2018) by Probeck Production - Sound design and Re-recording mixing.

The most recent Reel for post production.
Dialog cleanup example.
Location sound reel.
Action sound effect and surround dubbing example.