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AsparTateSounds is an audio production group based in Los Angeles, CA

We focus on delivery top quality sound for your next title.

We can work at location sound and post-production.

We carry your film from alpha to omega.
We Serve to Sound Since 2017



location sound

  • With Budget But the Best Gears.

Say no to Z**M. We use Sound Devices and Lectrosonic - all real industry standard gears for you production. 

  • Say No to "Let's Fix It In Post"

We ensure every take captured in its best possible quality.


  • Real Time Feedback

With IFB system, you can hear what we hear. We're not some "sound mixers" who don't even care if the boss is happy! Now, my boss, you can ask me to fix anything you don't like! How about lower the boom and make it closer to the actor?

  • Save time = Save money

First off - a decade experience does help.

Also you must have seen some "sound mixers" changing batteries on set. Calling "hold for sound", he pulls and loads them one by one, like an old guy loading his bolt-action rifle. Not Us! We use Li-ion power bank to drive everything in our sound bag. One of the power bank can run upto 16 hours

How about no more "hold for sound" on your set?

  • Get your film ready for post! 

We share our knowledge between location sound team and post-production sound team. And you, my boss, will get 25% off if you contract us for post-production!

  • We Fix Every Problems in Your Production Tracks

With Cedar DNS and iZotope RX6, we are safe to say that we can fix 99% issues in your production audio. If it ain't enough - you still get upto 3 hours free ADR session!

  • Process Chain with Warmth

Not only our service - by utilizing some of the legendary analog  gears such as NEVE 33609 bus limiter and CL-1B compressor, we add color and tone to your mix - just like you'd love to add the real film look to your digital content!


  • Over 2TB Sound Libraries, with Our Own Collections

The days of finding "Loyalty Free" sound effects are long gone! Here we provide you our own collections - and featuring Sound Ideas, BOOM, Hollywood Edge, CineTools and more.

  • Industry Standard QC and Loudness Control

With experience of working on some top-notch contents, David Zang and his team are able to fit an internal QC upon delivery - this is totally included in your package!

  • Flat Rate - Foley, Sound Design, Free ADR Session and Surround mix

Remember days struggling with vendors who keep adding things to your bill? Hate"we need more budget to add foley." or "we need more money to record sound effect"?

No, not here at AsparTateSounds, LLC!





Let us speak your stories through sound and voice.

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David Zang

Owner of AsparTateSounds, LLC