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David ZANG (a. k. a Rvdavid)

David ZANG is an award-winning audio-engineer, sound designer, location sound mixer, music producer, and photographer One of his buddy always says "a photographer who cannot do film isn't a decent music producer", which couldn't be a best description of his life style.

In his early years, Zang was trained as a young pianist. Meanwhile, Zang won several municipal awards for innovation and creation during high school. He never relieves to be either only a musician or an engineer. After admitted by one of the best engineer college in China - Beijing University of Technology. he found his dream is in both engineering and composing.  Zang moved to the United States, where he acquired his bachelor degree in Music Composition.


Although David ZANG was born and raised in Beijing, China, his was living in many places including Cedar Rapids, IA; Chicago, IL; Bern, Switzerland; Tokyo, Japan; and Los Angeles, CA. He can speak English, Mandarin, Japanese and French in fluency and is able to work projects that involve these languages.

In 2015, after Zang published AsparTateRecords' most successful album in Tokyo, IRIS - les chansons du printemps. He moved to Los Angeles, where AsparTateRecords expended to AsparTateSounds and started to be involved to film and TV production.

Now, David ZANG is working on many projects, which include but not limit to audio post production for film and TV, animation scoring, session engineering and music production.